About the Artist - Jack Androvich

Jack Androvich - Photographer Biography

A California native who was raised in the Central Valley, Androvich now resides in rural Ridgefield Washington, just across the Columbia River from Portland Oregon.

He grew up in the graphic arts business, became a photographer at age 13, and was formally trained at California State University in photojournalism, film making and the zone system exposure method popularized by Ansel Adams and Minor White.

His inspiration for seeing comes from the likes of photographers like White, Eugene Atget, Man Ray, Jerry Uelsmann, Bill Owens and others.

Now working exclusively in digital photography, Androvich’s straightforward approach is derived from his more purist and analog period where he limited any and all darkroom alterations to simple techniques like contrast, dodging, burning or cropping.

As a result, his current body of work includes no double exposures, composites or other manipulation. Regardless of subject matter, be it architectural, natural or other, what he sees is what you get, literally and figuratively.